Drop Off/ Pick Up, Here Comes The Bus


One of the top questions parents of new enrollees at CES have is how to drop-off/ pick-up their child in the morning and after school. Luckily, one of our awesome parents created this map showing the route to use during these congested times. We also have a video you can watch with additional info for walkers.


There is also a great app you can download for your phone or laptop called “Here Comes The Bus” which utilizes GPS data to allow you to track your student’s bus real-time location and receive alerts to help you get to the bus stop on time. To sign up, visit Here Comes the Bus and enter district code 73877. Follow the directions to download the app. You will need your student’s ID number. If you have questions about Here Comes the Bus, please reach out to CMS Transportation at 980-343-6715.

Drop off route CES


If you have any other questions, please contact us!