April 26 Girl Scout Tree Planting at CES

Please join Girl Scout Troop 2123 and community supporters at Cornelius Elementary at 9:00 a.m. this Saturday, April 26, 2014, to plant 70 seedling trees all around Cornelius Elementary. Each tree will need a steak to help it grow upright which are being provided as well as cages placed around them. Once the trees have been planted at Cornelius Elementary, we will go to Legion Park which is just around the corner from Cornelius Elementary to plant the remaining trees.

The trees are being provided by a grant through the National Wildlife Federation, and we are very excited and lucky to be recipients of these indigenous trees. It is our hope as the years go by and the trees mature, it will enable the local wildlife to gain a foothold on the area once again. Together with Cornelius PARCs and Recreation, we have a plan to minimize our carbon footprints by giving back to nature.

The areas will be marked as to what trees go where, and everything except shovels will be provided. The remaining trees at Legion Park simply need to be planted with the remaining materials.

Join Girl Scout Troop 2123 in making a difference in our community, by bringing trees back to Cornelius Elementary and Legion Park!

This will be a fun and memorable event as the kids and families involved will see their good deeds grow into beautiful trees!

Drinks and refreshments will be supplied! Please try to let us know if you plan on coming so we can be sure to have plenty of refreshments for everyone and, don’t forget your Shovels!

Your Friend in Nature!