Scholastic Book Fair Delivers New Books to our Media Center

The Fall Scholastic Book Fair proved to be the school’s most successful book fair in over a year, raising almost $8,000.  The PTO Board met with Principal Garvin and it was agreed 100% of funds raised would be used to purchase new books for the school media center through the Scholastic Program.

Each year the school has the option of receiving cash from Scholastic for the book fair or applying the earnings to books from Scholastic.  The media center has been in need of receiving new books.  The new books should be received by the media center before the end of the year.

Jennifer Guerry organized and oversaw the book fair for the PTO.  She was extremely pleased with the success of the program this fall.

Thank you to everyone who shopped at our Fall Book Fair.  We hope to have an equally successful book fair this spring!