Where can I find a supplies list for my child’s classroom?

Order everything from one place at SchoolToolbox.com or find a list by grade on the PTO website. Boxes can be ordered up to two weeks before school starts.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL students are required to purchase a Student Bundle. They are available for pre-purchase online, at Open House, or can be purchased and delivered the first week of school. Watch for the flyer in your child’s Communication Folder, which is sent home by their teacher every Thursday.

How can I access my child’s cafeteria account?

Visit www.paypams.com to see your student’s purchase activity and to reload their account throughout the year. You will need your student’s ID number in order to create this account. You can get this number from your Student Reference Card, which will be sent home with your child the first week of school.

What Is Meet The Teacher/Open House? Silent Auction? And more…

Click HERE to find out about these events

How do I know which days my child has gym, art, etc?

Our school operates on an A/B/C/D/E day Rotation Calendar which can be found HERE. Each of these letter days coincides with a “special” that is specific to your child’s class. Your teacher will send home a list of what each day means for your child.

How can I learn more about school news or PTO activities?

For school news, sign-up for the weekly email list on the school website by clicking on the “Join Parent ListServ” link on the left hand side or CLICK HERE. For PTO news, enter your email address in the right hand column under “GET CONNECTED.” You will receive news directly to your inbox. You can also follow “Cornelius Elementary” and “Cornelius Elementary PTO” on Facebook.

What happens on Early Release days?

Students will dismiss at 12:45 PM. Buses will leave the school three hours early and will arrive at the assigned bus stop three hours earlier than the PM drop off. School will serve breakfast as normal, but lunches will be on an altered schedule. If your child will dismiss differently than usual, make sure to let his/her teacher know of any transportation changes.

What is Character Ed/ Power Time?

Character Ed is a special award given to one student in each class, once per month (typically the last Friday) at school. Students are nominated by their classmates for exhibiting specific character traits (ex: honesty, responsibility, etc). They are recognized during PowerTime.
PowerTime By exhibiting good behavior, students earn the opportunity to do a craft, have an extra recess, or another fun activity. PowerTime takes place from 3:00pm-3:45pm, and is typically hosted for each class by the Room Parent or a parent volunteer. Parents are often asked to contribute a snack or supplies for the activity and in most cases, are welcome to attend. Unfortunately, non-student children may not attend.

How do I reach out to other parents in my child’s class?

All parents who are members of the PTO have access to DirectorySpot. This is a website that holds contact information for all students whose parents elect to be listed. It is also available as an app on your smart phone.

Can I eat lunch with my child?

Yes! Guests are encouraged to join their student for lunch. We ask Kindergarten parents to wait until after October 1. This gives the children a chance to get settled in to their lunch routine, explore friendships, and become independent. It also helps avoid a lot of tears! Grades 1-5 are welcome anytime. Simply sign in with your photo ID at the computer in the front lobby and then join your child in the cafeteria. Students can eat their lunch from home, purchase lunch, or you are welcome to bring in a special lunch. Due to allergy concerns, all guests are only allowed to eat lunch with their child, at the designated Guest Tables located on the stage. Find the Lunch Schedule here.

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities at the school?

There are many ways to get involved at CES! In order to volunteer in the classroom or for field trips, you must first register with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. You may then contact a PTO Board Member, your room parent, teacher, or a school ambassador who will be happy to help you find an opportunity that fits your needs. We rely heavily on the support of our parents and appreciate any help you can provide. Some great options to watch for are the Cougar Dash, Book Fairs, field trip chaperoning or Field Day. CLICK HERE to visit the Volunteer Page to learn more!

What is the procedure for drop off/ pick up?

Follow this link to view a video detailing the drop-off/pick-up procedure at CES. As a reminder, you must have a photo ID to sign your child out and no pick-ups are allowed between 3:00pm and 3:45pm

What is “Here Comes the Bus?” How do I register?

“Here Comes the Bus” is a mobile app and website that utilizes GPS data to allow you to track your student’s bus real-time location and receive alerts to help you get to the bus stop on time. To sign up, visit Here Comes the Bus and enter district code 73877. Follow the directions to download the app. You will need your student’s ID number. If you have questions about Here Comes the Bus, please reach out to CMS Transportation at 980-343-6715.

What is the color associated with my child’s bus?

Sometimes the afternoon bus has to be replaced with another. Instead of having the kids remember a bus number, which could then change, the school assigns a color for them to remember. This way, they always just head to the sign in the parking lot with their color on it and there is no confusion for students. Find the current list here.

Where do I order a recorder?

4th and 5th grade students who would like to buy their own recorder for Music Class can CLICK HERE to purchase.

I still have questions…

For answers to other questions or more details on the topics listed above, please refer to the Student & Family Handbook, the Cornelius Elementary website or your child’s Room Parent.