Community Nights

CESCommunity Night

Community Night is a monthly event in which local restaurants open their doors to Cornelius families and donate a portion of their nightly proceeds to CES. In turn, CES families support these local businesses by taking a night off from cooking and enjoy dinner with friends. The PTO hosts one of these events each month. Check your agenda and watch email for updates. Thank you for supporting CES!


Scheduled Events:

(All events are subject to change.)

  • September 25: Tenders
  • October 9: Mama’s Pizza
  • November 14: Brooklyn South
  • December 11: Hungry Howie’s
  • January 11: City BBQ
  • February 20: Fresh Chef
  • March 20: El Toro
  • April 24: Matt’s Chicago Dog
  • May 15: Penn Station East Coast Subs