Cougar DASH



Mark your calendars!  The Cougar DASH will be October 28th, 2021!

What is the Cougar DASH?  The Cougar DASH is a fundraiser sponsored by the PTO that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle while raising money for Cornelius Elementary. Students will gather pledges, run for 20 minutes, collect pledge money and receive prizes! Or as we like to say, “RAISE MONEY. RUN FAST. WIN PRIZES!”


The Cougar DASH kicked off with a Pep Rally, where students learned about the super cool prizes they can earn by gathering pledges from family, neighbors and friends. Sponsors can pledge an amount per lap or a flat amount. All donations and pledges are tax deductible!

If your family prefers not to solicit donations, please consider making a donation to the Cornelius Elementary PTO by donating online.


Join us for the FUN!  On October 28th, students will be running/walking for about 20 minutes around a looped track at school. All families are welcome to attend and cheer on your Dashers.  Signs, crazy outfits and noisemakers are encouraged!

The schedule for the DASH is:

1:00pm -2nd, 3rd and 5th grades 

2:00pm – Kindergarten, 1st and 4th grades


Students need to collect their pledges by November 3rd, 5th and 10th in order to be eligible to win prizes. Checks should be payable to Cornelius Elementary PTO. Pledges can also be made online. Prizes will be ordered and awarded following the final collection date.

We appreciate your support of this fun initiative and for helping to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for our students!