Have you linked since August?

Did you know that Harris Teeter VIC cards have to be re-linked every August?  Have you doublechecked to see if yours has been linked to CES for this 2015-16 school year?  Harris Teeter will not automatically re-link you to your school of choice.  You must either tell your cashier, link online or send your card number to us and we will do it for you.  We are so close to meeting our goal so that Harris Teeter can begin matching our VIC card earnings.  That’s double what we usually earn and will make a difference for CES.
To link, please do one of the following:
1.  Click on this link and enter TIE #1910:  http://www.harristeeter.com/community/together_in_education/link_to_your_school.aspx
2.  At check out, ask your cashier to link your VIC card to TIE #1910
3.  Send your VIC Card number OR Phone Number and last name used to sign up at HT to your room parent and we’ll do it for you!  Email us at kelly.osborne@yahoo.com
Also, don’t forget to ask other family members or neighbors to link…or just do it for them!
Thank you for your support!